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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 6, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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. the marin county sheriff's department is investigating a homicide on a popular trail. i'm outside of fairfax and i'll tell you what the sheriff's are telling us coming up in a live report. >> and an east bay man uses dating websites to meet and sexually assault women, and the morning police say there could be even more victims. >> fleet week is under way, and will tran went up with the blue angels. let's start with a quick update. i've got a great shot here. this is from our san francisco international airport camera. beautiful looking sky. look at all that color. we have high clouds out there, low clouds as well, with the
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marine lay i don't remember and the morning sunrise. that's pretty cool to see out there. it is cool. we've got 61 in san francisco but everybody else on the list is in the mid to upper 50s so what's what you're going to be feeling. as you get ready for school, at 3:00 in the afternoon as closes are getting out, it's going to be 79 to maybe 80 degrees. that's just a quick look at the forecast to get you ready for school. eel' be back with a -- i'll be back with your extended forecast in 15 minutes. a quick look at the richmond bridge here. at last check traffic was a stand still. nothing reported. whatever was there is gone. traffic is moving again, but as is typical for this time of year and time of day, it is jammed up in the westbound
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direction. let's take you to the traffic maps with an accident here on 101 southbound on silver avenue. several cars reported in this crash. this could be a new hot spot for the ride through san francisco. here's a look at the bay bridge. over 30 minutes your drive time from highway 24 for your westbound trek, and another slow morning for the san mateo bridge, a busy corridor with a 28-minute drive time out of hayward over to san mateo and highway 101. 7:02 and breaking news this morning, a fire at a senior home in vallejo. crews responded to a two-alarm fire about 4:00 a.m. at the senior home on butte street. the fire started on the second floor. they evacuated the second floor and crews assessed the fire. right now it looks like one person had to be taken to the
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hospital for smoke inhalation at this senior home that caught fire this morning just a few hours ago. the cause is under investigation. and marin county sheriff's deputies are investigating what they're saying is a shooting death. we're live at a hiking trail in fairfax. >>reporter: more than 12 hours after the body was found, you can see sheriff investigators and crime technicians are still out here. we're just west of fairfax on what they call old railroad grade trail. and you are right, they did find a body last night that was shot to death and they are investigating this as a homicide right now. here's video from earlier this morning. according to the marin county sheriff's department, they say that around 6:00 last night here on a popular hiking trail called old railroad grade trail, a person found a body that was shot, and that person was pronounced dead at the scene. now, right now the marin county
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sheriff's department are not releasing much in the way of details about the victim, other than to say the person was shot at least one time. now, for most of the morning they secured the site out here, waiting for daybreak so they can go back into the trail area and do more investigating and collect more evidence. what we're expecting is the marin county sheriff's department has said that they will come out to the scene at around 8:00, 8:15 this morning and brief us on more details. as soon as we get them, we'll pass them along. big news that we're following this morning, south carolina is heading into a 4th day of flooding. billions of dollars in damage caused now. anny hong is at the breaking news desk. i understand a lot of people in south carolina are seeing something unusual caused by the flooding too. >> they are. we are seeing more scenes of
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floating caskets adding to the heart break for some families. in fact, during a report's live shot, you see a bistander braving the flood waters to safe a casket. >> there are caskets that have come up out of the ground. are you guys going in to get them? why are you going in to get them? >> that's somebody's family. this is respect. we've got to respect the dead. this family is suffering. their family popped up out of the ground. i think it's the human thing to do. >> flood waters separated tombstones from the ground in some cemeteries. you see the man here retrieving that floating casket from a nearby cemetery. people all around south carolina began posting photos of caskets that had floated to the surface due to the flood waters, and this morning south carolina authorities say another dam has failed in the
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columbia area as the flooding continues throughout the state. officials are telling residents who live on about a dozen roads to seek higher ground. several dams have failed in recent days. even though it's sunny today, officials say the flooding could continue as storm water drains down water ways. we'll continue to have more on the story here on the broadcast and also on 7:06 and happening now, police in the east bay are looking for more victims of a man who is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting four women who he met through social media. 20-year-old lives in san ramon and these assaults allegedly happened in fremont. he used fake names to meet women on social media and then he's accused of giving the women alcohol tainted with
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drugs and techs wallly assaulting them. >> first and foremost i want to be clear the problem is the suspect. it wasn't the victim. it wasn't that they did something remiss or should be ashamed. if there was something else that he has done to other people, we want to know about it because we want to make sure he's held accountable. >> fremont police say there's evidence indicating there could be more victims throughout the bay area. it was an emotional night for many in fremont. there was a vigil for a teacher who was murder. the 64-year-old was brutally murdered by her son. last night friends and family celebrated her life. the teacher was a retired special ed math teacher. she was known for her passion for teaching and loved ones wanted to remember and focus on the good she did while she was alive. >> she was the kind of person that drew everyone in with
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positive energy. >> a wonderful person. >> she challenged students to go further than people expected them to. >> she was very proud to be a teacher. >> her son, omar, is accused of killing her. he's being held without bail and there is an arraignment set for this afternoon. california is now the nation's 5th state to allow terminally ill patients to legally end their lives using doctor prescribed drugs. the governor signed the bill yesterday. it was passed last month after an earlier version failed this year despite the highly publicized case of brittany maynard. yesterday her husband spoke out about the bill being signed into law. >> it was a tumultuous year. i have to say that the ups and downs in the legislative process are at times taxing and
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were taxing for me, but i also come at this from the standpoint of compared to what i went through last year and then for sure by comparison to what brittany had to endure last year, this was a walk in the park. >> the bill requirements include that the patient must be capable of taking the medication themselves and that two doctors must approve. police in the east bay are hoping surveillance images will help catch a man who shot an artist painting a mural in oakland. take a look at the man on the right side of the screen. that's who they want to question. the killing happened last tuesday morning. the painting is near 35th street and there were a number of painters there and one got into a verbal argument. antonio ramos was shot and killed and the shooter ran off. police are calling this man in the surveillance picture a person of interest in the case, and this is the artist who was killed.
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there's up to a 10,000-dollar reward being offered for information leading to an arrest in that killing. two former jail inmates are filing a lawsuit against the sonoma county sheriff's office. they accused correctional deputies of beating inmates. they say they attacked them in the main adult detention facility back on may 28th. they are seeking damages and want a special monitor appointed. the sheriff's office says the allegations are outrageous. and it's that time of year again with the blue angels back for fleet week. their performance always draws a huge crowd. yesterday will tran got to take a ride with the blue angels, going up with one of the navy's best. >>reporter: i have thought about this day every day for the past three months. let me tell you something,
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there is nothing that can compare you with a flight with the blue angels other than doing it. the take off is vertical, like an elevator. >> you ready. >>reporter: yeah. >> hit it. >>reporter: oh!. >> nice work. >>reporter: the captain has been training for years to be a pilot. it was the last ride of the day. he did all of the moves he will do during fleet week. one of them was 7gs, which is 7 times your body weight pushing down on you. >> take a deep breath. ready? hit it. good. good. keep squeezing your legs and squeezing your abs. squeeze your abs. squeeze your legs. approaching supersonic here. >>reporter: are we going 600
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miles. >> yes, 670 miles per hour. less than 45 seconds. we're going to bring the throttle back. you'll feel a big deceleration. >>reporter: when we landed, the capital was as fresh as -- captain was as fresh as a morning walk. i was sweaty and worn out. they told me it would feel like two hours at the gym. they were not kidding. >> you did a good job. i was worried that we hurt your neck. other than that you did a nice job. great positive attitude and i had a pleasure flying with y you. >>reporter: for the record, i never passed out or threw up. i heard there was a pool at the office i would. i plan to collect. >> i swore there was going to be mashed bananas. >> i saw trouble but it looked
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good. >> it looked great. he had his visor down.. we'll bring it to you live this saturday. >> when you sign up the paperwork and part of the re lease is an acknowledgement that this is your only chance to do it. it's been almost ten years now since i rodein one. hard to believe. that maneuver that you do, you heard them say hold your abdominals, so you're basically holding isometric tension on your body for the entire flight. >> are you going to do it? >> maybe some day. i don't know. we'll be back as the kron 4 news continues.
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we're back taking a quick live look. we have visibility. it is looking pretty good. as you can see, we have nothing in the way of really heavy fog. let's go outside. i want to show you a live shot. a little bit of sunshine on the left-hand side. we are looking pretty good in terms of visibility. those clouds are kind of hugging the east bay shoreline and the peninsula shoreline.
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is give a quick look at what it looks like in terms of temperatures. if you're heading out, it is still cool for you. temperatures are mostly in the upper 50s. we are the 60 degree mark in san francisco. as you look out, low to mid 50s for some. but we are starting to warm up in the east bay valley. about 81 degrees for brentwood and livermore. otherwise, upper 70s with 79 in danville. 77 in martinez. not as warm as the east bay valley but you'll get pretty close. san jose up to 79. elsewhere, pretty good. we have low to mid 70s for the east bay shoreline. 68 in san francisco. along the coast, upper 60s to around a 70 degree mark. >> the theme going forward continues to be gradual warming.
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we will see it begin to dig in by wednesday. wednesday, thursday and friday, we warm back up to the 90 degree mark. the forecast looks fantastic for you with nice conditions in san francisco in the mid-70s. to traffic. >> watching an accident in san francisco. we are concerned that could have an impact on the east bay at the bay bridge. the accident southbound 101 here at silver as it starts to back up through hospital curve and up onto the skyway. again, the potential exists that it could back up onto the upper deck of the bay bridge and affect the ride into the city. that is affecting the right at the bay bridge toll plaza. and also tracking the right on highway 101 heading north down into town. it has already backed up to third street. here is the bay bridge. we are backed up solidly into macarthur maze. that is ugly, isn't it? the ride
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starts to slow down on highway 24. your san mateo bridge commute stops at the toll plaza as it does from time to time. 29 minutes is your average trip time out of hayward to cause it is backed up two 880 on 92 over to san mateo. the golden curry -- the golden gate bridge bride is low this morning. 40 minutes backed up well north of highway 37, close to atherton avenue. and for your trip the at the richmond bridge, a solid backup from marino way and a 20 minute trip time out of richmond heading over toward san rafael. 7:18. the fate of an apartment complex dangerously close to falling into the ocean remains in limbo. the buildings were abandoned in 2010 after powerful storms eroded the club. we have an update. >> reporter: during the winter of 2009, 2010, heavy storms,
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possibly fueled by that year's el niño, toward away at the cliffs here at the civic up. when it became clear that several buildings on top of the cliffs were in danger of falling, the apartments were read tagged and evacuated. they have remain that way ever since. efforts were made to prevent further erosion at the cliffs have remained mostly unchanged. with another el niño forming in the pacific, there is new concerned. -- new concerned. daniel lives a few doors down in an apartment building. >> i am wondering how long mine will last. >> she once they read tagged department removed. >> debris is constantly breaking away and falling down. i was just looking up there a couple of weeks ago and thinking pretty soon, the whole building will be down on the beach. >> big news, a law enforcement official says the gunman who
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killed nine people in classroom last week ranted about not having a girlfriend. the official says he had these writings and left them behind for authorities. he also complained that others around him thought he was crazy. the officials wrote he was sane and that everyone else was imbalanced. the writings were recovered last week. the official familiar with the investigation provided this information. the president plans to visit relatives of the victims of last week's shooting at ucc. he will meet with the families and private. staffers and students were allowed to return to the campus yesterday to gather possessions left behind. classes will not resume until next week. federal investigators are probing the derailment of an amtrak train that went off the tracks after hitting rock in vermont. we first wrote the store yesterday.
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seven people were hurt and one seriously when the train carrying 98 passengers left the tracks at 10:30 a.m. east coast time yesterday. the southbound passenger train hit rocks that had fallen from a latch. the engine tumbled down an embankment. three passenger cars that the tracks but remained upright. investigators from the federal railroad at -- administration and ntsb are on scene extracts the flight from phoenix to boston had to make an emergency landing in syracuse after the pilot died, midflight. the first officer took over and slightly landed that plane. we are told the pilot was sick and that the pilot was making an emergency landing. they later learned of the pilot's death. identified as captain michael johnson. 7:21. edwards noted says he is ready to go to prison. he says he has offered many times to go to prison in the us
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but is still waiting for an answer from the us government. the former number -- the former is currently in exile and living in russia. he had released documents about top-secret massive programs. the authorities have said they would be open to a plea deal with him in finding -- but finding common ground has been challenging. cleaning up after allegedly putting mentally ill patients on a one made -- one-way bus to san francisco. after reports of patients being discharged from a psychiatric hospital in las vegas were being best to california. they were being directed to look for care in san francisco. nevada has vowed to pay $400,000 to settle the lawsuit. it is 7:22. if you have ever watched your teenagers do social media, you might think, what is going on in their heads and while they so engrossed in the screen.
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the first of its kind study reporting everything that 13- year-olds debt online. and they find that teenagers are addicted to following each other. this just in. unit is, as a parent. during the six months, what did they see? they commented posted more than 87,000 times on instagram. nearly 206,000 times on twitter. 12,000 times on facebook. one third of these teenagers check their social media more than 25 times a day and why? because 80% were bored, 71% say they want to connect with friends, 61% want to see if their post or getting like or comments and 21% was to make sure no one is saying anything mean about them. 94% of them were underestimating the amount of fighting that happens on social media. a child development expert says parents need to spend time on
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the social media networks that their kids are on to see how it is impacting them. >> a scandal in the rock 'n roll fantasy but i'll. two of the biggest online fantasy football websites are's -- are responding to claims that employees are getting inside information to place bets. this is raising questions about who has access to valuable data such as which players the majority of the bettors are putting money on. an employee finished second place in a contest and won $350,000. while he did nothing illegal, companies are banning employees from participating until they can develop a code of ethics. it is 7:24. if you are thinking about not getting a flu shot this year, you might want to pick about the consequences of getting the flu. the cost of getting sick. the cdc says that the flu costs the us billions of dollars each year. $10.4 billion in direct radical expenses.
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$16.3 billion in lost earnings for sick employees. and the flu can be especially costly for those with young children. caregivers of children had medical expenses that range from $300-$4000 depending on how thick the child gets. fighting the flu can be made easier by grabbing a flu shot. also, certain foods. live cultures and yogurt can help prevent common colds. mushrooms show promise of boosting immunity. water and other fluids clean out your system. popovers clear out your sinuses and honey can suit and irritated throat. 7:25. we will be back with more in a few minutes.
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welcome back. the warriors kicking off. jeff bush was at the sap center where thousands of fans gathered for the first warriors upcoming season expect back to the ceiling with a dedicated. thousands of fans got what they wanted, to see their heroes and the rest of the team off and go out at with the toronto raptors. loose and confident making three-pointers, as he does. the fans could not has been --
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the fans could not have been happier. it was the time they are waiting for and they did weight. some, for several hours. the line was down the block and around the quarter. you would think it was a playoff game based on how many people were in attendance. for these fans, it did not matter one bit that the game was not [ indiscernible ], they just wanted to see the team back in action. to get one of these bobbleheads statues wearing a sharks jersey. >> i am super excited because it is the first game. an at all of these great things. >> it is awesome seen them play here because we have never seen them play here. it is something different and i think that is why everyone is here. i think there are all expecting bobbleheads. >> still ahead, a major cereal
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recall to tell you about this morning. why general mills wants you to take back your cheerios. you could soon get see driverless shuttles around the east bay. find out when and how this program is going to work.
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welcome back. the time is 7:30s. are you looking for james? >> yes, i am looking for james. >> it does not build itself, guys. it looks really nice outside. it is going to be nice all afternoon long. as you can see, our camera showing what it looks like --
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what looks like clear skies. that is great news. hopefully, this unwelcome out and start to warm up crooker -- quicker. you can see some of them on that upper right-hand quarter of the screen. that will block the sun just enough that for some, we will not get quite as warm as we did yesterday. it is cool at the moment. a lot of upper 50s. livermore joining the party at 60. san francisco at 60 all morning long. is your ready for school forecast. we have another 45 minutes before most passes start. by 3:00, upper 70s and very low 80s for the inland schools with mid 70s by the bay shoreline. i will have your extended outlook coming up and 50 minutes. let's send it over to joyce in the traffic center. as we continue to watch accidents in san francisco, another crash here at army. the south end of hospital curb. it is slowing a bit on the upper deck so far, it has not
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backed up the right to the toll plaza. where we are slow is at the san mateo bridge with a 30 minute trip time out of hayward over to san mateo. and about a 26 minute drive time for the richmond bridge. act up all the way to marina way for the west valley drive into san rafael this morning. that trip time is much longer than usual. the rain may have stopped falling for now but historic flooding continues across the carolinas and the death toll continues to climb. officials in south carolina say that more in occupations could be underway. to not let the sunny skies for the residents and this has flooding continues in the carolinas. watch this truck driving into floodwaters and then, it gets swept away. this is why we are warned never to cross a flooded road.
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as the saying goes, turn around, don't drowned. residential waiting to see if there have been more evacuations. officials say it could take weeks for the state to return to normal after being, by historic rainstorms. the death toll is at 14 for both north and south carolina and the depth cold -- 12 -- the death roll could continue to rise. back to you. thank you. a new tradition to honor her daughter. maddie middleton's mother hosted a huge celebration yesterday on what would have been her ninth birthday. vicky that the octaves -- vicky was there. was a child party without a balloon very. >> we are celebrating her birthday. >> while there is laughter and face painting, it is also a day to remember. >> always to remember madison.
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>> maddie middleton would've turned nine years old and the party in the park would have been her dream come true. >> it is like a nine-year-old dream party. 150 cupcakes. >> playing in the parkn bouncy houses and there was even a petting zoo. but no maddie around to enjoy it . >> i am always going to throw her birthday parties. and it is not just for her. met his mother is still raw from the murder of her little girl. she struggles to stay positive. >> we all, i don't think, would have as much strength to get through this if she wasn't with all of us. she can be everywhere now. >> the stories that are following, a former marine and harvard educator accused of kidnapping if illegal woman has pled not guilty. the 38-year-old is accused of
7:35 am
breaking into a home and abducting denise hutch kens. she was later released at the beach some 40 miles away from her home. police originally dismissed the case as a hoax but in june, she was arrested for a home -- he was arrested for a home invasion in vallejo. he will be back in court on november. he will be back in court on november 5. a former teacher will serve for decades behind bars convicted of sexually abusing children. the 53-year-old john arthur lloyd sexually assaulted for girls. one at nordstrom elementary in 2005 and three others at paradise valley elementary between 2012 and 2014. lloyd was sentenced to those counts and yesterday, a judge sentenced him to 40 years in prison. general mills is recalling nearly 2,000,000 boxes of cheerios because the serial labeled gluten-free may actually contain wheat.
7:36 am
of wheat flour was inadvertently used in a system that normally processes gluten- free of lower -- 02 flour. used by dates are july 2016. we have posted all of the pacific's -- specifics. police are looking for a robber who walked into a cvs pharmacy and demanded prescription drugs. just before 5 o'clock in the morning on friday, he put the clock he had a gun and demanded drugs but the clerk told him they did not have access to that medication and the man left the store. driverless shuttles could soon be making their debut in the east bay. a pilot project being launched this coming summer and 2016. these will be at bishop ranch
7:37 am
and san ramon. it is prototype testing. the shuttles are designed to take passengers on short distances at slow speeds. representatives say the shuttles have been successfully deployed. we're keeping our eyes on wall street. everyone waiting for the start of earnings season. the dow jones is pretty quiet today, up almost four-point sitting at 16,478.
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happening today, nurses at contra cost medical center are on strike. saying there are not enough nurses to safely take care of patients. they plan to march into a supervisors board meeting today . the search continuing for the lost cargo ship that sank in the caribbean. the container ship had more than enough lifeboats and wraps for its welker -- well trained -- laughs for its well trained crews. coast guard officials say they found one body in a survival suit. a damaged lifeboat and other debris that the almost 800 foot- long cargo ship disappeared on thursday in route from jacksonville to puerto rico. >> here is a quick look at the forecast. we are looking at conditions that are going to be nice and warm as we head into not only this afternoon but beyond. take a look at your seven day around the bay forecast.
7:41 am
we have condition steadily warming right up into the weekend. we are still slow through san francisco with accidents southbound on highway 101 that are affecting the ride in both directions. northbound and southbound. we will update your ride on the morning news.
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yesterday, you were telling me it was too soon to fire anybody for the niners. you're not going to fire anybody. >> this guy has been there for a while. third of fourth year for philbin. so you cannot have tom suiter coach for games. >> i was like, i understand the expectation is they are going to make the playoffs and instead, they bombed. >> yeah, you can look at it
7:44 am
this way, out of the country. >> remember last year, out of the country, dennis allen and the raiders. and the telephone call, mid air. >> that's right. you have a good memory, kendall 80. that was a mess. that was horrible. >> have you ever done that, take a long flight and start thinking. >> here is the thing. when the raiders got fired, they bombed in london. and loss to the dolphins. how weird is that? >> where did you come up with that. that is very good research. >> i remembered the raiders but i did not remember it was the dolphins. >> and both of those guys are similar in that they did not have big personalities, it was their first year coaching. that is what is so tough for tom. if you have never done it before, all of us sitting on
7:45 am
our couch and saying he has never proved he could do it. >> and i was looking at their quarterback and thinking about kaepernick because okay, you also said it is not time to throw out kaepernick yet. kaepernick is that career lows and they were both thought to be so great. and it has not panned out. >> i did a little tweet last night about what assistant coach on the 49ers or head coach has ever taken a quarterback and help them. and people are really against -- against him. these twitter people are just vicious! >> will filings with the washington nationals >> you are too nice a person to fight the twitter wars. >> i don't get into it now -- no . >> i don't answer either but it really hurts. seriously, you don't even read
7:46 am
it. -- you don't let it get to you, i don't even read it. the nationals gave up on their manager. >> excuse me. i always say, these awards me nothing. last year, he was manager of the year. >> it is the first time ever the manager of the year inspired . >> he was a great third baseman for the giants. >> and what happened? i guess that was promised that did not pan out so get out of. . >> carson city, nevada. >> maybe it is taylor swift's fault. >> what is she doing? >> taylor swift played there and they were playing gate -- they were playing great and then taylor swift played there and they bombed. the niners, i don't know that we were great but she played and we are lagging it is taylor swift! >> everybody talks about the raptors. taylor swift has more
7:47 am
people in her pocket. >> oh my gosh, yeah. i love taylor swift. a lot of people love to hate her. >> but what is to hate. she is tall, attractive, a great singer and what about her is to mark >> i don't know. people just hate people that are successful. you know the haters that hate, hate, hate. forget the curse of the goats are the billy goats or whatever with the cup. we will find out what the curse is. the blue jays. here's the deal. taylor played at their place friday. the blue jays played thursday. we're going to see -- if they win the world series, the curse is broken. like us that, she is a powerhouse. >> i love her. i don't know. i guess she has to bubble gummy for people. she is to hold some. maybe that bothers them. >> so if she smokes a joint, she will be popular. >> that last song she had out.
7:48 am
>> i like her son. but they are not be grown-up. >> so what? do you want to have someone sitting and moaning all of the time? >> i don't know. what about the bad boys. the yankees, famous. look at me to -- look at mickey mantle. look at historic of babe ruth with alcoholism. everything seems to come along with these problems but on the eve, last night, i am not going to play. forget the game today. i am going to alcohol rehab. >> we know him around here. he is from bullet hole. and by all accounts, another one of those good guys. he built a little league field and sure, he had the money to do it. but you have to have the presence of mind to say i want to help somebody out.
7:49 am
after a really outstanding career, you could say he was close to a hall of fame face. but now, we find out that he had to have something to struggle with. >> that's the thing. how long was he dealing with this thing. it's like, you play the game. and a lot of these guys continue on and you kind of wonder -- instead of the yankees accepting it all they had done before, they were like okay, no questions, go to rehab. >> this will sound a little mean but he hasn't been pitching very well. so it is one of those deals where you say, hey, this is a no-brainer. if a guy was buzzing along and doing great and then you could say come on, hang in there for another couple of weeks but he had not been very good so it is easier to agree with his decision when he's not doing
7:50 am
well. >> does that make sense? >> absolutely. >> do you agree with the decision about the sharks player? this is the biggest suspension ever. 41 games. >> i would be surprised. i'm no hockey expert but i have heard a couple of guys they when his suspension is over, they will have to do it through the players union. but that will probably not bring him back. he is a bad actor. for suspensions. and he just loves the guy again. get rid of them. >> this is a headshot and there are like forget it. >> so they will be a half a season without him. and as we are talking about hockey, the florida panthers, who has the most and best mullet of all time. i was thinking it would be like calling notes or billy cyrus. mary aker bringing it back! bringing it back!
7:51 am
>> this is spectacular. it is an impressive mullet. you've got to give him credit. here's the thing. his teammates were so excited they are actually getting him to bring it back and they are saying we are going to have the best season ever.'s if you just bring back the mullet. so it looks like he is going to do it. >> the best season ever will be determined by this guy getting a bullet. >> look at, you are blaming taylor swift. what is it? >> that is miley cyrus's dad. the first one i remember. >> actually, don't let -- just in case, let's not let taylor play over and local. >> you are still on that. see i don't believe in jesus. i think all of that stuff is ridiculous. >> they change their underwear, they have to have their beards and now come -- now, suddenly, you don't believe in it!
7:52 am
>> or the matting colors, how about that? >> someone says you want to be on the cover of sports illustrated, no, i refuse. >> i will go along with you. >> thank you. all right, kelly lady. -- young lady.
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welcome back.
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a new government picture -- figure shows deportation numbers have declined. the obama administration reported just over 200,000 people over the past 12 months. the fewest number since 2006. the figure does not include those stopped at the border and turned around. the administration also deported the fewest criminal immigrants since the president took office in 2009. aaron hernandez asking the judge to dismiss murder charges against him. a hearing is scheduled for today for the lawyer to drop charges. he is said to have killed someone after accidentally bumping into him on a bus and spilling a drink.
7:56 am
his lawyers say there is insufficient evidence to establish probable cause. hernandez is already serving a life sentence for the shooting death of lloyd in 2013. a former washington state canon launching pumpkins into the air. it is made from items from scratch. people travel hundreds of -- hundreds and even thousands of miles to see the canon every october. the farmer says his canids are his pride and joy. a group of moose making their way into neighborhoods and mixing it up. this happened in alaska. they got into a fight over a girl. the father and son recorded this tangle. apparently, this is the time of year that the call the running season which is when the hormones drive the male moose to fight in an effort to impress females. they did this they display and she walked away. no more racing to beat the clock to grab a sausage mcmuffin.
7:57 am
mcdonald's is rolling out an all-day breakfast menu starting today including most of the breakfast menu items. to accommodate, some of the non- breakfast items. but the items that are cut vary from market to market. the texas rangers are known for their bizarre concession food stand options. but now, they have upped the ante. the sweet spot cotton candy dog is $28. a hot dog that has cotton candy infused mustard. that is disgusting. a hot dog with mac & cheese and brisket served in a pretzel roll and that is the elvis brownie. a 2 foot long brownie in rice crispies dipped and final kick batter and fried. 1 pound top and go to those. a bag of cheetos for $26 but filled with meat and jalapeno's.
7:58 am
what is that a than that? >> we have a lot of nice weather to talk about on the weather front. we have great conditions this afternoon. conditions are going to be awfully nice. >> we will have that in your forecast. [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children, extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team...
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8:00 am
how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at the county sheriff's department is investigating a homicide on a popular north bay trail. i will tell you what they are saying about this potential homicide coming up in a live report. we're keeping our eyes on the bay area weather this week we will tell you what is expected as you walk out the door today and more on a warm up coming this weekend.
8:01 am
>> james: binding time we will have low '70's for the day and inland valleys. you'll see a lot of seventies and low eighties around the bay during the afternoon. good george
8:02 am
>> george: if we are backed up on the southern freeway here from at city college. southbound traffic all the way it through the city is back up. lanes are clear as cesar chavez. northbound on highway 101 is 44 minutes. on highway 24 is 34 minutes drive *. the san mateo bridge backs up all the way to the nimitz freeway. from marina
8:03 am
way to just pass the toll plaza is over 30 minutes. >> mark: there's a shooting death being investigated after a body was found on a trail. >> jackie: more than 12 hours after the body was discovered i am here. sheriffs and technicians are still combing the area for any clues of lab and. of around 6:00 nearly all the railroad trail of highway tractor found a body. the area
8:04 am
was quarantined last night. the shares did not want to investigate during the nighttime hours and still waited until daytime. the person was shot at least one time. this is a popular trail which is just outside of fairfax. we are expecting the public information officer for marin county to be here in any minute to give us much more information. >> darya: a fire at a senior home in vallejo near florida's
8:05 am
st.. the fire started at the second floor. the firemen put out the flames and one person had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >> mark: there is historic flooding across the carolinas with the rising death toll and billions of dollars in damage. >> anny: people are seeing casket's floating in the flood waters. you can see one bystander going out and braving the flood water to get in honor of the casket. >> the reason i'm doing this it
8:06 am
is because this is someone's family who is suffering and we need to respect their dead. >> darya: tombstones from the ground in some cemeteries have separated and you can see the casket's floating in the waters. you can see demand retreating--retrieving the floating casket. south carolina officials say another damning columbia has failed. all people are to seek higher ground immediately. people who thought the worst was over our brief
8:07 am
scene for even worse bad news. we'll have more later on and on kron-4-dot-com. >> mark: gov. jerry brown signed the right to die a bill. brittany maynard went into another state to be euthanize to and her story has challenged many people support the right- to-die movement. >> this is a walk in the park
8:08 am
compared to what brittany maynard had to go through. >> darya: police are hoping that surveillance images will help them capture man in the bay area in the killing of an artist in a neighborhood in oakland. the murder happened last tuesday morning under the 580 overpass. there was a verbal argument and then the gunman shot v artist antonia. there is a $10,000 reward for information that leads to unrest.
8:09 am
>> mark: a man is accused of drug dealing and sexually assaulting four women. police say that this man is a number of fake names to me when and on social media. he is accused of giving an alcoholic drugs and then assaulting them. there could be even more victims. >> darya: taurus are less screaming after a glass bottom walkway smashed and crashed out beneath them. and marco rubio is sending donald trump something special.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> darya: donald trump has sent a death light-hearted prank to market rubio. it contains trump natural spring water and a towel and a bumper now. trump says
8:13 am
rubio sweats a lot and drinks a lot. >> james: we will see temperatures around the bay straight ahead this is the dawn of an old day. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space
8:14 am
as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity.
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8:16 am
the james >> james: currently we have wings is steadily around fairfield and san jose. the winds are beginning to comb and they will seem the same arrested the day. we're starting to see sixties come up and many of them still in the '50s. was the upper '70's and the south bay later today. everywhere else we're
8:17 am
looking at temperatures close to this with some areas being in the low 80s. many areas will stay in the '60s and throughout the whole day. we will look at the weekend in 15 minutes. >> george: the south bay 280 southbound has brought the time to 40 minutes. with this crash
8:18 am
at ellis there's a 55 minute drive time southbound on 880. the bay bridge is solidly backed up onto highway 24 which is back beyond children's hospital with 36 minutes. mere least 30 minutes out of hayward this morning for the west down 92 track. highway 101 from northern at marin for the civic center for southbound is over 40 minutes. for marina way + 30 minutes out of richmond hallett heading toward san rafael.
8:19 am
>> mark: we have a more breaking news with any hot >> anny: please are searching the community college of philadelphia after reports of a man with a gun. no reports of a shooting war injuries but people and students are being asked to avoid the area. when billy had a place on lockdown. digest yesterday's digest just yesterday a building was put on lockdown. police say they are searching at the community college.
8:20 am
>> mark: of the gunman who killed nine people in the organ classroom said the he was upset because he didn't have a girlfriend and that people around him said he was crazy. these writings were recovered after the shooting. president is planning to edge up visit relatives of the victims. staff members and students were allowed to go back to the campus yesterday to gather their belongings.
8:21 am
>> darya: douglas county sheriff said he called for compassion for the nine people but that he did not feel the same way for the 21st graders killed at sandy hook elementary . he said it of the shooting at sandy hook was a conspiracy by the government to take away guns. the sheriff denied they
8:22 am
posted the video and that he does not believe this sandy head shooting was a government conspiracy. the mark >> mark: police say branded mars was reported missing. he had boxes of snack cakes with them and he left rappers with them in a trail. the boy was found. >> darya: this is why some
8:23 am
people don't like this guy walks. some people are walking on a skywalk on a cliff that is 300 ft. tall. the woman who was walking the on it said she could feel the place--this guy walked shake and that it shattered beneath her.
8:24 am
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care for your car. alright, now i just look desperate. >> darya: to of the this fantasy football websites. one employee of a web site voted on the other web site and has won a lot of money. this one employee 1
8:27 am
$350,000. my question is why is this the evenly goal of? >> mark: there is a huge money in this. are you looking for early christmas games many people are looking for call of duty blacktops 3--black ops
8:28 am
three. need for speed at 3 and fallout are also very popular. >> darya: there is a major toy recall that all moms need to now. >> anny: new information just about the flooding in the carolinas and that reports of the terror lundy had dammar just not true--reports about the columbia dam are not true.
8:29 am
[female announcer] for thousands of local foster children, extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child.
8:30 am
>> darya: taking a look at the weather it looks like another beautiful day. the gems >> james: this is our live view . it can show us the higher clouds which aren't there which also shows us the fog poking to
8:31 am
the san bruno gap. but it is not filtering through to affect the airport. many communities are in the '50s and going into the '60s. by lunchtime we have low '70's said mid-70s and by three this afternoon and we have maximum temperature of 79 to about 82 in the inland valley schools. >> george: the ride on 101 and 2008580 are all jammed up. this is solidly backed up to a 85
8:32 am
with a 55 minute drive and and other places as well. there's a 39 minute drive time out from cupertino to highway 85 in the northbound direction, and the bay bridge from 36 minutes from highway 24, on the san mateo bridge we are slow from hayward to 101 at 26 minutes, the golden gate bridge is problem free except for northbound toward northern iran marin. >> mark: south carolina
8:33 am
officials say that damage at columbia failing is it not true . >> anny: the damage and upper windsor county has not failed and so people do not have to evacuate that vic area. at least people have lost their lives in the carolinas. and it leased 18 dams have breached or failed . a car careened through
8:34 am
barricades were the driver was killed but the woman passenger was not. mae holmes are left underwater--many homes are under water and bridges washed away. >> darya: the mother of maddy middleton is creating a new tradition to honor her daughter : a birthday party on her birthday so other kids can be happy so let other people can be
8:35 am
happy. >> i disagree with how the mothers doing it but i would always support her. >> darya: there's a 64 year-old teacher was allegedly murdered by her son. friends and family celebrated her life forever her hard work and being passion that--passionate about what she does. >> mark: cheerios and honey nigeria owes are being recalled
8:36 am
by general mills because they actually might not be a blue and free even though the label is on the box. we posted all the recall specifics if you have one of these boxes at kron-4-dot- com. >> darya: there is it an apartment complex that is teetering about to show to the ocean. and what will happen is still up in the air. the apartment buildings have remained vacant ever since it was red tagged. with another amino forming in the pacific there's new concern that the
8:37 am
apartment buildings could once again be in danger. >> mark: kron 4 news will check and is taking a ride with the blue angels. from kron 4 news did this.
8:38 am
>> will: this is amazing been in this jam and i even took a selfie of myself. >> mark: back when i get it there were no selfie is. >> george: back when i did there were not even sell funds.--cell
8:39 am
phones. the drought is affecting all of us. at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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8:44 am
>> darya: your taking a look at
8:45 am
the weather and you could not have had a better forecast. >> james: it is my gift to you bay area! it is beautiful this morning with almost no clouds and 20 of sunshine. we may hit 78 or 79 degrees on average with highs in certain areas of the 81 or 82. we're looking at temperatures that are steadily warming from the '50s to the '60s. the south bay will be about 77 and san jose 79. it is
8:46 am
a little bit warmer air and ease the valleys with 80 to 81 degrees. wednesday and thursday temperatures will climb slightly and then more so as we go into friday where we will be pushing the 90 degree mark in the inland valleys. temperatures along the coast will still be in the '70s. >> george: slowed traffic around the bay area. the short freeway
8:47 am
drive time will over 40 minutes from hercules to berkeley. and we're still damp from concord on 242. 580, and 680, and 880 also low. south bay freeways are jammed that. 55 minute trip times in the northbound direction. the bridges are no better with the bay bridge on 30 minutes *. the morning commute to is very heavy. san mateo bridge tried it on highway 92 is still very slow at of hayward we're looking at drive times of 20 minutes. the richmond bridge
8:48 am
is over 30 minutes with the westbound backup to marino way. >> mark: chevy is about to a shell with a major update to its electric car of the vote--of volts--volt. >> reporter: i liked how the car handled around town and the hills around san francisco word is no problem. it basically has been rebuilt from the ground up . but the federal and state
8:49 am
discounts you can get the car for as low as $25,000. it is not as fancy as the tax law but that card is $80,000 plus a, way out of range for most of us. the voltage-- volt has a gas engine to kicky and if there if you need extra power. >> this car is more than 200 lbs. lighter than the original volt and has some features like
8:50 am
lane departure warning and for collision and art and has 10 air bags. but >> darya: had your teams use social media? our major partners at cnn the the report showed that teenagers are addicted to following each other. one-third of the teens check the social media more than 25 times a day and more than 80 percent say they were bored and 71 said they were following people in 61%
8:51 am
they said were checking to see if people like what they posted. 94 percent of parents underestimated how much fighting is going on and on social media . the flute cost a lot of money, billions of dollars every year according to the cdc. the flu can be especially costly for homes with young children and it does affect businesses also. fighting the flu can be made easier by doing some of these
8:52 am
things: yogurt with live cultures, mushrooms are showing it promising signs opposing immunity, hot peppers and spices clear sciences, and honey seuss in irritated throats. >> mark: there's a pilot project being launched in 2016 that are driverless shuttle's that involve san ramon in santa clara county transportation. supporters say these have been already is in many european countries.
8:53 am
pantry offers a of technology that allows you to keep food of fresh all the they round. they launched today after nearly three hours and development. >> darya: 24 year-old their " traveled from since francisco and by 15 they amtrak rail pass . he has likely see more of the
8:54 am
u.s. than many americans have. he has seen a 71 hours on trains and thought colorado and utah or the most beautiful. >> mark: the golden state warriors have had their first preseason game. a big draw was the first 10,000 fans got a yes stephen curry bubblehead. stephen curry had 14 points. the
8:55 am
warriors will open the regular season and oracle rena. the texas rangers have a very very strange offerings for their fans. there is a hot dog with mack and cheese and brisket with the press will roll. this premise $26.20 feet with rice crispy crust and then put in the hello battered and fried. all of these offerings are discussed in!--disgusting!
8:56 am
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9:01 am
that dog did survive the attack. the victim is a 67-year-old white male. the fact that we had done it meant from the marin county sheriff's department. he has just wrapped up. >> what i can tell you is that the victim is a white male adult , 67 years of age. he is not a resident but has been staying with acquaintances. it is our understanding that he came to this location just for the purpose of recreation, yesterday. the circumstances leading to his death, that is what we are trying to identify right now. >> they are also being told that they believe his car was also stolen. they have a statewide alert out
9:02 am
looking for his car. the car is described as a 2003 volkswagen jetta hatchback with a license plate number of six ppg 662. 2003 silver volkswagen jetta that they believe may have been stolen in the commission of this crime. as far as how long they are going to be out here, they tell us that could be an all-day process. we will bring the dogs out here later today to come through the area and see if there is anything they can pick up out here. the body remains out here at the scene. the coroner's office has been called. they do not want to disturb the evidence. 67-year-old white male shot on a trail here west of fairfax and they are searching for that victim's car right now. the bay area weather and traffic. it is going to be a very nice week, guys, we have lots
9:03 am
of sunshine out there. a nice fall day once again. right now, a live look at the bay area bridge. mostly sunny skies. if you high clouds out there. good morning to you. by lunchtime, you should be in the lower 70s understudied conditions and with an afternoon high of 73 between 2 and 3 pm today at the southwesterly breeze at 5 to 10 miles an hour. you're right home looks clear with temperatures in the lower 70s by 6 o'clock this evening. here is look at walnut creek. the warmest readings will be in the low 80s due to a light sea breeze this afternoon. it should be fairly light it is in the north bay right now. more details and the rest of your forecast. which day is going to be the warmest coming up a little bit later. first, here in storage with your commute. we continue to track big delays for the south bay. you may as well call the south bay a hotspot this morning because we're looking at double
9:04 am
the normal commute times. this drive is now over an hour from 85 of 2 to 37. and nearly in our for the drive time heading out toward the side of those on 280 in the northbound direction. and a 50 minute commute time after cooper. and we are jammed up on the quarterly be part way leading up to 880. extremely slow going. as well as here. was found to 37, which almost daily backs up almost 8080 8082 101. in your main bridge ride, westbound, is still a 40 minute proposition out of the mccarter maze. the richland bridge is and nearly 30 minute trip time out of richmond heading westbound. the backup no longer reaches to the marina, it is slow through the harbor and the richmond
9:05 am
parkway. >> thank you, george. breaking news. philadelphia police are searching for a person with reports of a gun. there have been no shootings but people are asked to avoid the area. community college confirms the lease are on campus and one building is on lockdown. yesterday, colleges and universities increased security after the fbi increased a morning of violence. officials are trying to figure out what start -- started a fire. crews responded to an early morning fire at 4 am near florida street. but think it started on the second floor. that is the part that has been evacuated as they assess the fire. also, at least one person had to be treated for smoke inhalation. as south carolina -- heading in to its fourth day of flooding. the death toll has risen to 13.
9:06 am
scenes of floating caskets are adding to the heartbreak. there are reporters live shots. there are caskets that have come up out of the ground. these guys say they are going into get them. >> why are you going into get them? >> that is someone's family out there. this is respect. we you have to respect the dead. they got their family popped up out of the ground and i think it is the human thing to do expect flooding separated -- thing to do your people all around south carolina begin posting caskets that have floated to the surface. in the meantime, another dam has flooded. a lot of residents are worried about the flood ravaged areas and their homes with rising floodwaters.
9:07 am
sunshine is forecast for today butt flooding will continue as storm water comes down to police are hoping surveillance images will help to capture someone in the death of an artist. look at the man on the right of the screen with a track jacket and a hat. they say this person is an -- a person of interest. the 580 overpass near 35th street, there was a verbal argument and a gunman shot antonio ramos who was painting that euro along with other artists. and the gunman ran off. so they are looking at the surveillance and trying to find out. this is a picture of the victim. the artist who was murdered. the lease are offering up to $10,000 for information that leads to an arrest -- police are offering up to $10,000 for information. the governor signed the states right to die yesterday after an emotional and deeply personal debate.
9:08 am
legislation was passed after an earlier version failed. despite the highly publicized case of the 29-year-old, the california woman with brain cancer moved to oregon. yesterday, her husband spoke out about the bill being signed into law. it was a tumultuous year. i would have to say that the ups and downs of the legislative process are at times taxing, or taxing for me. but i also found out from the standpoint of compared to what i went through last year and then comparison to what britney had to endure last year, this was a walk in the park. >> under the new bill, the patient must be capable of taking the medication themselves. and two doctors must approve it . coming up on kron morning news, tourist left stranded 3500 feet --ç tourist w3left
9:09 am
stranded. marco rubio is getting a m need one and what is in it? ç a live look at the approa to the bay bridge and lots of sunshine. we will be back with more in a few minutes.
9:10 am
welcome back to the kron morning news . as we continue to track hotspots. this westbound backup has reached all the way to marina way. at one time, drive times were up to 36 minutes just trying to get him. right now, it is about half of that in terms of the distance of the backup at the drive times are still over 24 minutes to get you to the 101, 580
9:11 am
interchange. donald trump has sent a care package. he says it is a lighthearted prank. and had a case of trump water. two towels, a bumper sticker and a note. trump pointed fund at rubio following the debate saying he sweats a lot and downs of great deal of water. that came up during the debate. rubio has not responded yet. >> i took water, so what. >> thank you, dollars, for their free water, he should have said. we are looking at sunny conditions for today a nice fall day expected for the bay area and it is going to be warming up. by how much? kron 4 morning news continues after the break. your time is 9:11.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
welcome back. it is 9:13 and my eye is not as trained is yours. should we be seen as much red at this time last two months back definitely not. during the south, these freeways are grindingly slow this morning. and as i said, the traffic has not unlike the blitz with many problems. just the drip of slow traffic. this is still a 56 minute trip time from highway 85 out toward sunnyvale on 85 northbound. that is the 85 northbound interchange. we are still and over -- over an hour from downtown san jose. and again, over an hour for one to one northbound trying to get up to santa clara mountain view. we don't have any major incidents here. just the slow traffic. again, to 37, basically, plenty of free parking all the way to mountain view. the entire length of the
9:15 am
expressway. and here is your drive to the bay bridge. at last check, still 36 minutes from highway 24 westbound. your ride to the san mateo bridge -- we will get there in a moment -- we will go there now. this is actually starting to improve. it is a 21 minute trip out of hayward. but we could see a second wave. golden gate, light and easy and problem free. your trip into moran, the richmond bridge is still packed up and closer to a 24 minute trip time. over to the weather center. here is and me with your update the extracts thank you, george. a really nice forecast. a live look at sso. we have generally mild conditions. we saw a few clouds out there but we are making way for a beautiful october day. no delays at the airports
9:16 am
including sso. san jose, good morning to you. you are in the low 60s at this hour. 73 bonus time. a great day to be outdoors. 77 x 2 p.m. under light winds. and low 70s for this evening for dinner time. temperatures right now are 62 in downtown san francisco. mid-sixties in oakland. 63 in livermore. upper 50s in napa. here's how your highs breakdown for today. at 3 pm, a lot of 70s on the map. low 70s and alameda. upper 70s in fremont. very mild weather and warming up for the imminent spots to low 80s. pushing 80 in dansville. upper 70s for antioch and pittsburgh. the next three days look like this. warm up continues through wednesday and thursday. it is a gradual warm-up.
9:17 am
pacifica in the low 70s by thursday. and temperatures warm up a little bit more for the end of the week. we will let you know how much it is going to get warmer coming up a little later. thank you. 9:17. the president is going to be in roseburg to meet with family members. in an angry speech, the president call for tighter restrictions on guns. as cam hutchinson shows us, democrats are picking up his call. democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton, talking tough on gun control. >> how many people have to die before we actually act. it is time for us to say wait a minute, we are better than this. our country is better than this. >> she calls for tougher background checks, restrictions on military strike -- style weapons. and control has become an
9:18 am
issue in the wake of thursday's mass shooting in oregon. while clinton and other democrats are pushing change, gop contenders say, not so fast. conservatives like mike huckabee say guns are not the issue. >> not so much a gun problem, we have a problem with sin and evil. >> survivors of previous shootings welcome the conversation. >> i am so incredibly grateful that gun control and consent are being discussed on the platforms because they are such crucial issues. speakers echoed back call at it monday night vigil honoring the victims in oregon or those christians with -- with stricter gun control walls, we have fewer deaths. our society must consider the connection between guns and violence. i am cam hutchinson reporting. in the aftermath of the
9:19 am
college shooting in oregon, stocks of america's top gunmakers went sky high. smith & wesson and ruger stocks jumped 3% yesterday. smith & wesson had already skyrocketed 80% this year and ruger was already up 70%. even though this year is shaping up to be the worst year for stocks since 2008, gun stocks are doing well because sales are going through the roof. both have doubled sales over the last five years. in 2015, it could be their biggest sales year yet. we have seen the international monetary fund calmed down the forecast for the global economy and they are doing it again. >> as oil has fallen aggressively over the last 16 months. but the irs is trimming the global forecast of 3.1% down to 2.9%.
9:20 am
3.3% down to 2.1% is actually what it is. and weaker growth prospects for emerging economies like china. commodity prices. that is where the cut their budget from. pulling that will out of the art and selling it will has gone from $148 a barrel back in june down to $50. so you can see economies are hurting for obvious reasons. the good news is, the united states and germany are doing fine here the story where following on the news today is due to a scandal of online football betting >> which is interesting because it is happening is an employee from one of the companies has made $350,000. so an employee at draft has made money. he can see data.
9:21 am
it brings up the question about business integrity. insider-trading. but they are not policing the employees well enough. you pay an entry fee and you have a chance to win prizes of two 2,000,000+ dollars. is expected to explode as far as popularity goes in the united states and revenue going to -- >> the owners and investors. how is this legal? in a sports gambling? it is not supposed to be legal. >> it is not really sports gambling because there is skill involved. >> to make it seem more like a game. it's a skilled online game and those are legal. >> for now. but th kind of insider action , both companies have said
9:22 am
their companies employees one big. so this will get the attention of congress at some point. it is not the american way. >> pepsico beating expectations for a world company in a shrinking world economy. it shows you the strength. they did not do it on a revenue beat. they didn't on and earnings beat but pepsi and pepsi mountain dew, it is aqua fina, water, gatorade, first used, tropicana, cheetos, rice a roni. there are a lot of products. the calendar year is up 9%. this is the type of company that if you are worried about the world, yes, they will have slowing world orders and the strong dollar is going to hurt them but they are a diversified
9:23 am
company and i don't think you can eat just one ruffles or jury does our cheetos. so they are going to be around for a long time and they are smart. people under 35 care about the kind of stuff. so they are working on their future drinkers, per se respect and we have a question for paula and pollock -- and paula asks about general election. >> we don't know the nelson is, we don't know his style. we don't know if he will try to cut the corporate deck involved. ge has reached a structure in their company where they are not the same company they used to be. yes, they can trade to a three- point higher at $25 or $28. not a bad move. they got too much of a high evaluation. basically, and manufacturing company, worldwide and that is what is hurting the most in the world economy. >> if you have a question for our -- for us, posted on the facebook page. we will be right back. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
9:24 am
are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school
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and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
9:26 am
a scary situation for a group of chinese tourists up high on a transparent walkway when they felt the crack and suddenly, they saw shattering. it stayed together but it was all cracked up and this is more than 3500 feet into the air. a visitor posted pictures of the class and she says she could feel the shake under her feet the moment that the glass broke. china's officials say a tourist dropped a mug and that is what shattered part of the class. >> official say. it wasn't like infrastructure. that broke the mug. they took a mug out there. anyway, it is a huge shaped glass. it has only started to be open to the public since the 20th. it is brand-new. and now, it is closed for repairs. >> taken down by a mug. >> i think i want to go on that
9:27 am
bridge. >>[ laughter ] >> video games -- they have a list of big games for the holiday season that will be coming out over the next month or two. you may want to keep your eye open. the most excitement is about call of duty, black ops three. here are two different. >> and if you have expats, that is highly anticipated coming october 27. we are going to disagree on that forever. >> still ahead, i cannot condone that -- still ahead, cheerios, a lot of kids eat cheerios. why general mills is recalling nearly 2,000,000 boxes. >> us, taking to the skies with the blue angels. does he have what it takes to be a blue angel? we will see,
9:28 am
coming up. a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is sunny and dry and traffic looks pretty good if you do see some clouds in the distance and we will be right back.
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking the look at the weather. it looks terrific out there. >> thank you, annie. >> you are so welcome. i will try it when i can. >> of course, we can use the rain as well. >> that is true. here is a live look at our market darryl camera. and we have a few clouds out there. overall, a nice start to your tuesday. temperatures are in the 60s. i have just updated these. upper 50s for the coast. a little cooler for you. we did see a little bit of cloud formations this morning but a lot of it is starting to clear out your last time, we will see the 70s.
9:31 am
the coast will stay in the 60s pretty much all day today. expect lots of sunshine but temperatures topping out. winds should be fairly calm if not like. except for the north bay, i think you will see stronger winds this afternoon. 63 in santa rosa. 62 in san francisco. 54 in annie. 65 in oakland. the highs look like this. upper 60s in san francisco. 73 in oakland. when i come back, i have your stormtracker forecast. we have bit of a warm up come in this way with maybe some rain over the weekend. we will have details on that coming up a little bit later. annie, while we are seeing some improvement, we are still way behind schedule. these are all hotspots. the major routes, 280, 880, 101, 85, 87 at the club with a part way and still looking at
9:32 am
about one hour drive times. here, here and here. so exceedingly slow and if you're heading out the door, expect typically like conditions for this hour of the morning as we are now passing 930. you are definitely going to be disappointed. so give yourself extra time. as well as most of the bay area bridges. it is still solidly backed up into the cards are maze. 30 minute drive times off of highway 24. the san mateo bridge is a little better. 21 minutes. golden gate bridge, that has been problem free all morning long at the richmond bridge, is still backed up and it is still about a 14 to 16 minute trip time. at the slowing only begins after richmond parkway. it is no longer backed up to marina way four 580 westbound. 9:32. the mother of 90 militant, is creating and a tradition in honor of her daughter. a birthday celebration. without maddy there, just to
9:33 am
honor her daughter who would have turned nine years old yesterday. look at the party that she threw for other children to enjoy. they celebrated and played at the harvard westpark. mattie's mother, laura, is still struggling from the loss of her little girl and this is one way that she can stay positive. >> i am always going to throw her birthday parties. and it is not just for her. i am so happy these kids are having fun. the mayor of santa cruz declared october 5 maddy's day. an emotional night in fremont as a vigil was held last night for a beloved teacher who was murdered. the 60 4-year-old was berlin murdered by her son on september 29 inside her apartment in fremont. last night, friend and family members celebrated her life. she was a retired special ed map teacher and people who knew her said teaching with her passion.
9:34 am
her son is being held without bail and he will be arraigned in alameda superior court. federal investigators are probing the derailment of an amtrak train that derailed after hitting rocks in vermont this is a story we first brought you yesterday morning here on kron 4 morning news. seven people hurt and one seriously in a vermonter when off the tracks. 98 people plus +4 crew members on board. the passenger train hit rocks that had fallen from a ledge and went onto the tracks and the engine tumble down the embankment. the other three cars left the tracks but remained upright took investigators are there from the federal railroad administration and ntsb. general mills is recalling nearly 2,000,000 boxes of cheerios and honey nut cheerios
9:35 am
because cereal labeled gluten- free may actually contain wheat . the cheerios were made at a plant in load i about 30 miles west -- east of antioch. wheat flour was inadvertently used. the cereal boxes have the light code ld and used by july july 2016 -- 2015. -- [ indiscernible ] ready. here we go. oh!! >> nice work. >> taking a ride with the blue angels. flying yesterday in the cornet with one of the navy's best pilots. and joining us now on the phone
9:36 am
-- i got a text from her this morning saying i did not throw up and i did not passed out. >> do you have a hangover? >> i am solar. it feels like an intense workout. that was absolutely what they said. i am solar -- solar -- i feel every bit my age -- i feel sore . the geforce, everybody talks about it. it is so normal g this ng that. until you feel it, it is nothing. you cannot describe it. you can go on a roller coaster and the most intense is maybe three cheese. that is a mild maneuver for a blue angel. >> did anything strike you that you were not expecting? the
9:37 am
view or the plane or anything interesting? >> here is the thing. it was so smooth as he was climbing that it felt like an office. literate, there was no vibration as he was going vertical. and two things happen to me. full disclosure. i hurt my neck. it was weird because he went into -- i handled the seven jeep move, no problem. but it was the multimedia moves. he went into a truck and my head went forward and no one talked about that. it was the last flight of the day and no one said be careful about your head. so we went into a move and my neck and my head would forward and the g is your body weight. so it was like 6g. six times your weight on your neck. and it was pressing down on me. and i was like, my neck, my neck. but i never blocked out. that i am proud of.
9:38 am
i was not going to have that happen to me. but the funny thing is, i handled the heart move and the extreme move but it was the media move that was more difficult to me. >> when you see them on the ground, fund and they're going fast but you don't think about the guy in there being tossed around. and like you say, they can handle it because they train for this. >> market, you can attest to this. the pilot from colorado -- they were talking football on the runway. he landed. he walked in like a champ not one hair out of place. not sweating. even ate lunch. he walked out and said he was going to a board room. it was no big deal for him. i was amazed. i know you trained for it at how do you trained not to select. he wasn't even sweaty and my t- shirt bush opened wet -- my t- shirt was soaked and wet.
9:39 am
from sweating. >> great job. the flight of a lifetime. a nice selfie. >> leave it to you to take that selfie. i can't believe you. >> we have you covered all this week and you can catch the highflying thrills of the blue angels air show this saturday, october 10 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. we will be right back.
9:40 am
9:41 am
welcome back. researchers have discovered a new species of mammal called the hog nosed brat. -- rat. features that have never been seen before. a large flat pink nose similar to a pic with extremely large ears, smallmouth and long white front teeth.
9:42 am
the new rat species will be published in this month's journal of biology. >> they are all the same, yuck. portable. >> coming up, kron 4 morning news keeping an eye on weather and traffic for you. we will be back with that . what can you actually do if you go back taxes. here with us, we have an expert, hello, tamme. >> -- 10 --
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
welcome back. 9:45. we are taking a look at the weather and what is another nice day. >> all of the sunshine and yes, it is going to be very nice across the bay area. we love october in the bay area because of this. lots of sunshine. temperatures not too hot and not too cold your temperatures at 64 degrees. just a little cooler compared to yesterday. and for the evening ride home, things look nice.
9:46 am
lower 60s by 8 o'clock tonight. the winds are fairly light and generated at 10 miles an hour. i expect like conditions. pretty much all afternoon with the exception of north bay. keep that in mind. otherwise, temptress are going to be fairly comfortable. at 65 in oakland. 62 in napa. 63 in livermore and low 60s in san jose. take out or higher for the peninsula. 75. the coast staying in the upper 60s today. heading further south, and mild -- a mild day. upper 70s in morgan hill. the rest of the bay area looks like this. low 80s in pleasanton and livermore. those are our warmest spots for today. very comfortable.
9:47 am
here is your stormtracker. the warm up continues through tomorrow and thursday and friday. that is our warmest day. the weekend, i want to talk about for just a second. it is still nice into the upper 80s. some would say even hot. there is one model hinting at chances of moisture and ran late saturday into sunday. that most other models are saying it is not going to rain. we will keep you posted over the next couple of days. your time is 9:47.. is george for the traffic. thank you and good morning. we love to talk this hour about how nicely things are winding down. that is not the case for the ride through the corridor and into the south bay. lots of red showing on the road. sensors for the 880. even 680, costs the grade. and then continuing into the south bay, 101 is still at a 50
9:48 am
minute drive time. 280 is still 30+ minutes for the northbound ride out of downtown san jose. for the bay bridge and westbound, still backed up into the macarthur maze. no easy ride. if you're heading out and you would like to wait until after 10 o'clock, it is not the client. the san mateo bridge, a better ride. it is heavy from the toll plaza , the backup does not reach as far east as it had. for the golden gate bridge, the 101 ride northbound, southbound, a little sluggish. here at the richmond bridge, we
9:49 am
are still backed up around the quarter to the richmond parkway. 14 to 16 minutes trip time into san rafael for westbound interstate 580. >> thank you, george. 9:39. doctors have discovered a problem with a heart valve that could affect hundreds of thousands of people. some are not opening or closing properly. possibly because of blood clots in the tissue. experts stress that not enough is known to change any practices in place. the fda says the valves still seem safe and our world the risk. a trail of candy wrappers helped police find a missing nine-year-old boy. it happened in putnam county florida yesterday. brandon was reported missing from his home and canine units helped find him. he walked out of his back door without shoes and into the
9:50 am
woods but he had boxes of snack cakes with him and that the wrappers as he was walking. searchers found the wrappers and it led them to the boy. a just got a little easier to navigate the complicated home mortgage comp lit -- process. instead of four forms from two different government agencies, vendors have to get just two forms. the simpler forms are expected to make it easier for borrowers to compare loans from different lenders to try to find the best rates and terms. if you have ever watched social media, you may be wondering what is going on. our media partners at cnn found out and did a first of its kind study recording everything that 216 13-year-olds get online. and what they found, teenagers are addicted to following each other.
9:51 am
during the six months of studying, these 216 kids, those kids, nick posted more than 87,000 times on instagram. 26,000 times on twitter and facebook. one third chapter social media more than 35 times a day. wind? -- why? because they are bored. 61% say they wanted to check and see if their posts are getting likes or comments and 21% wanted to make sure people were not saying mean stuff about them. and that led to the critical finding of parents of teens using social media. 94% of the parents were underestimating the amount of fighting going on on social media. a child development expert says parents need to spend time on the same platform their kids are on. if you are thinking about skipping a flu shot this year, you might want to the kebab the cost of the flu. the cdc is saying the cost is billions every year. $10.4 billion for americans and
9:52 am
$16.3 billion in lost earnings for sick employees. and the flu can be especially costly for homes with young children. the caregivers of children who are sick with the flu had medical expenses ranging from $300 up to $4000 depending on how thick the kids were extracted by the flu can be made easier -- kong 6 the kids were. fighting the flu can be made easier. water and fluids help to clean out the system and hot peppers can clean the sinuses. honey can to the throat. -- soothe the throat. starting today, mcdonald's is rolling out all day breakfast. some of the non-breakfast menu items are going to be cut to make room for breakfast. the items you will see on the menu very from supermarket to market.
9:53 am
some are saying they are going to have no hashbrowns. i don't understand. jack-in-the-box can serve everything all day but donald cannot. >> [ laughter ] >> a change in scenery for the warriors. hosting their first preseason game last night. the nba champs kicked off to the raptors. a fun one for the fans who ended up getting more than just a victory. at a big drop, the first 10,000 fans received a bottle had -- double bed -- bobble head. >> i'm keeping it. >> last year, 14 points for the warriors victory. the last time the warriors played in san jose was in the 1986/87 season. the warriors will open their season this year at oracle on october 27 for the new orleans pelicans. >> i tried to go to one game a season. >> they are always sold out for years.
9:54 am
>> the championship will be tough. >> i'm going anyway. we are going to take a look at the big stories that you need to know before you head out the door. we had a view of the golden gate. a few clouds out there for this mild tuesday morning.
9:55 am
9:56 am
here are the big stories you need to know before you head out the door this morning. barren county sheriff's deputies are investigating a shooting death in fairfax. a 67-year-old white male found on the old railroad trail with his dog. he was found about 6 o'clock last night he had been shot multiple times. officers say that the dog was shot, as well, but also survived. firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked the fire at a senior home in vallejo. it looks like one person was hospitalized for smoke inhalation. safety officials say 16
9:57 am
people have been killed in the storm that dumped historical levels of rain. flooding could continue as the storm water drains go down the waterways. a farmer in washington creating a canon that launches pumpkins almost a mile in the air. canids are powered by pressurized air and are made from items on the farm. all of the contraptions are built from scratch and people travel hundreds of miles to check out these canons every october, shooting pumpkins. >> going to say, he shoots a pumpkin -- why? >> why not? >> your seven-day forecast. it looks great for this week and especially the weekend. don't forget the air show saturday at two in the afternoon and it should be to fall weather for the airshow. >> enjoy the day. stay connected with kron 4 . on
9:58 am
facebook and twitter, as well. we will see you back here at 4 am. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us.
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this stem eply nourhes rls. to qnch ynes.. r 4 mes re dined natul curls. ve qnch solu. to qnch ynes.. >> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." >> i believe i have written hundreds of songs for multiple artists. >> announcer: is he a liar? >> dr. phil: do you believe you wrote "shake it off"? >> i do. >> dr. phil: taylor swift. >> announcer: delusional? >> dr. phil: you're walking around with no shirt, screaming in a restaurant, "i miss taylor." >> announcer: or a master manipulator. >> dr. phil: you and i both know you didn't write those songs. >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, i'll count you down. >> dr. phil: i try to be an emotional compass and point you in the right direction. >> five, four -- >> dr. phil: i'm not giving up on you. [cheers & applause]


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